Blogmas Day 23: Present Wrapping Ideas

Hey! Do you like wrapping presents? I do. I tell people all the time when I grow up I’m going to be a professional present wrapper. It’s something fun to do for me and bring out my creative side. Now put into mind I do put a lot of time into decorating the presents and yes I do know people are going to rip the paper off to get to the present inside and yes I do cry a little inside when they do L

I have a whole pinterest board here all about different fun and creative ways to wrap and decorate your presents. The last two years I have put a lot of effort into my friend Cassie’s presents because I truthfully know she will appreciate the effort I put in for the gifts.

Here are some of my go to items for wrapping gifts:

  1. Solid colored paper – I love brown craft paper, which I usually buy a roll or two from the dollar store. It is also called packing paper I believe but any other solid colored paper like red, green, blue, black can also be a fun way to wrap them as well
  2. Ribbon – if you are using solid paper this would be a fun time to use a decorate ribbon and just wrap it around in a cross around the gift to add a simple touch. If you are using decorative paper then I suggest using a solid colored ribbon if you plan on using ribbon
  3. Cutouts – I love holiday themed cutouts like bells, Santa, or a reindeer instead of a bow because it is another touch you usually don’t see
  4. Confetti – like glitter I am not a big fan of confetti but it is something fun to add inside of a box to add a little fun touch or flavor to the gift.
  5. Washi tape – this is something easy to use to add just little things to solid colored paper. I made a tree on a present last year out of washi tape and it was so much fun!

What is your opinion on the way people decorate their gifts? I think this year I am going to use black paper and neon colored accessories!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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