Blogmas Day 20: Stocking Stuff Ideas

Now this is always the last thing people think of but this is something you can do all year and that is finding things to stuff in your family’s stockings!

Here is a list of some of my favorite things to put in stockings:

  1. Candy – you can’t go wrong putting in some of your family’s favorite candies in the stocking. A nice treat to start out the day!
  2. Gift cards – this is usually where my mom will put whatever gift cards she has gotten us for Christmas. It’s less cards and less likely to lose them!
  3. A fun gag gift – my mom likes to get us something random. Last year we got a calculator that looked like a piano and to be honest I still use it J
  4. Socks – it is always nice to get a new pair of socks. My mom will usually get us fuzzy socks, which I love to wear to bed during the winter to keep my feet warm.
  5. A Movie or small video game – my mom always try and stuff something like this in our stockings and it’s always the first thing we see. This would be fun to display a new movie or game your family has been wanting!


I absolutely love all the things you can put into a stocking. What are some of your favorite things to put inside the stocking?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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