Blogmas Day 19: Christmas Craft Ideas

For me Christmas is my favorite time to do crafts. I believe myself to be a very crafty person and the holidays just bring out my crafty side. I love a good homemade Christmas gift.

This year so far my favorite thing to do is make a wreath. I have made several already and have a few more lined up to make! They are actually quite easy to make which shocked me a little but you have to be careful because it can get very expensive. But if you want something personal and something you made that not only can be used during the holidays but all year long this is a good suggestion

Another one of my favorite things to do is using the kids handprints or footprints. You can get air-dry clay from the store that you can use to make an ornament for a family member and use the handprint or footprint of your children. This is a great first Christmas display as well!

I work at a day care so we spend most of December talking about all of the different holidays around the world and we make a lot of crafts as well. You can’t go wrong with glitter. As I type this I remember clear as day how much I hate glitter but you do what you gotta do to get the right craft done! Or maybe not it’s your choice. We have the kids make a lot of cards for their parents as well as different charities and for kids at the hospital as well. It is a personal gift that they did themselves.

Being crafty is fun to me and Pinterest is a good place to start. There are so many ideas on there and people add more and more each day. I get a lot of my ideas for you all from pinterest or personal experience so check it out and let me know what you want to try this year!

What is your favorite craft to do?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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