Blogmas Day 18: Work Christmas Party Ideas


I know the work place can be stressful but the holiday times is a great time to get the whole team involved and have some fun! (All of the ideas were found on pinterest)

One fun one I saw while looking around was a minute to win it Christmas party. This was one of my favorite shows to watch and I love watching the re-runs on the game show network and I didn’t know how easy it was to change some of the games into Christmas themed games. Make sure you check this out on pinterest because not only would this be a fun idea for work this would also be a fun idea if you have a birthday around Christmas and want to make it both a Christmas and birthday party!

Another fun idea would be a theme based off a movie like Grinch or Elf. There are so many fun ideas to use for decorating. Looking on pinterest I found a fun recipe for Grinch popcorn as well as Grinch punch. If you have the time there are always some other fun snacks and crafts you can change around to match the theme of your party. Make a cup cake and use green frosting and top it with a fondant Santa hat or heart will make it a fun Grinch twist. Using all yellow and green decorations can make it a fun elf themed party. Don’t forget the spaghetti!

Have some fun activities yin your lounge or lobby to lead up to the party as well. Guess how many M&Ms and whoever is closer gets the jar. Some fun name that song or finish the lyrics Christmas Carols edition is fun. A word search or cross word can easily be made on Google as well. Have fun with your co-workers take the stress away because the holidays are a stressful time but who wants to be stressed during the holidays? Not me!

Now you can’t go wrong with an Ugly Christmas Sweater or a Pajama party for the holidays either but why not spice it up and do something different for the holidays!

If you could plan a Christmas work party what theme would you use?

xxx Lauren Amanda



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