Blogmas Day 17: Christmas Party Decorations


Everybody loves a good Christmas party so this year I am telling you some of my favorite Christmas Party decorations. Now you can always follow a theme of some sort or you can just use the decorations you already have and spice them up a bit more.

I love the idea of a vintage looking Christmas party and using those types of decorations. Spicing up an old mason jar and adding some flowers or holly leaves and berries can be a really nice decoration for around the house or a centerpiece. Also turning some wine glasses over and putting some ornaments in the cup and then putting a candle on to (technically the bottom) of the cup is also a really nice centerpiece. You can use certain colors of the ornaments to follow a color scheme if you want to.

One of my favorite things to do is to have some kind of bar. I know at a lot of people will have a home bar but why not a hot chocolate bar. Here is another place you can use a mason jar to add the vintage feel if you want to. Use jars of different sizes and put whatever you want for your hot chocolate in the jars. Marshmallows, peppermint sticks, mint marshmallows (yes those exist) as well as any other fun stuff to the bar. Don’t forget whip cream and spoons to mix everything up!

Another fun thing to have at a party is a photo booth or a selfie booth J you can make a fun background with streamers or Christmas lights and ornaments the possibilities are endless. Then have some fun Christmas/Holiday props to use during the photo shoot. You can buy some already made ones off of Amazon or etsy but you can also probably find some fun ones for free on Google or pinterest. This is just something fun to add to the party something not everyone will have.

My last decoration idea would be the food displays. You don’t technically have to set a table unless it is actually a dinner party but if you are having a ton of people over this would be another chance to have some sort of bar like a trail mix or popcorn bar. Have easy to eat food and use some fun bowls or plates to display the food. Let them know what they are by using fun names on some fun display racks that you can easily make out of candy canes!

What are some of your favorite things to use to decorate for a party?

xxx Lauren Amanda




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