Blogmas Day 11: Holiday Make Up Look

I will start this blog post by apologizing for the lipstick in this picture. I forgot to take this picture at the start of the day and ended up taking it off at the end so it’s a little smudge and has come off on some parts of my lips…Anyway.

This post is about my favorite go to make up look for the holiday season. I like to keep my eye look very neutral (like always) but adding more gold and glitter to my eyes. I like to use a more red colored blush instead of pink color blush. I also use a not so dark colored contour because I want the lipstick to stand out the most on the look. Here are the items I used in this look:

  1. Lorac Pro 3 Palette
  2. Kylie Jenner Mary Jo K Lipkit
  3. Smash Box contour palette in light/medium
  4. Cover girl blush
  5. Cover girl Hunger Games Mascara

I love this look and will wear it this holiday season to different work events, church events and family events.

What is your favorite make-up to wear during the holidays?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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