Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Trees Fake or Real?

So I know one topic of discussion each Christmas is whether you have a real tree or a fake tree in your house? My answer would be fake.

I do love real trees, the smell of them, the look of them but unfortunately as I got older my allergies got worse and we unfortunately couldn’t have a real tree anymore 😦

The one thing I do like about fake tree’s though is you can get them to look exactly how you want to. The height, the width, the color (we have a white one and a green one). When you pick a real one it looks nice in the field but after a while it doesn’t look like you wanted it to. Also you have to keep real ones watered and that’s just to much work 😉

The one in the picture above is my grandmas tree. It’s a green tree but it looks like it has snow on the branches. Unfortunately you can’t tell in the pictures but it is a very nice tree.
Her tree is tall and slim and doesn’t take up that much room unlike my tree which is tall and wide. My tree is picture here on the side. Because it is a wide tree it takes up quite a bit of room so we put it in the corner of our living room instead of the window because then we would have to move a lot more furniture to make room for it. This year (so far) we have decided to put up our green tree. Just a traditional tree that my mom wanted to put up.

Every year we have the deep discussion about whether we are going to put up a traditional tree or the white tree. Then the next question is if we pick the white tree are we going to put decorations on it or are we going to make it a fun character tree like we have the past two years.

In 2014 we made our tree look like a snow man. We bought a snow many kit and used the face stuff for that, then we got little doll hats from AC more and used pipe cleaners for the buttons on his stomach and then we used a scarf and pair of boots we already had and then went outside and got sticks. We also bought the hat from Kirklands, the same hat we are using at the top of our tree this year.

Last year we made a Grinch tree. We used green mesh stuff you buy for wreaths and covered the white tree (I know we could have used the green tree but it wasn’t the right shade of green) then I used poster board and drew out the stuff and cut it up and used sewing pins to attach it to the mesh. Then we just added a santa hat to the top and it was done!

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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