Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Decorations

So I know one of peoples favorite things to do during the holiday season is to decorate. Whether inside or out. Now at my house we don’t do to much outside decorating but we do have fun decorating the inside of my house and my grandma’s house.

Some of our favorite things to put out to decorate is of course the stockings. For the longest time we used ones that we had since we were little but the last couple of years we had to replace them do to our names falling off so in the far picture you can see are new ones hanging. My sisters is the ruby red slipper from Wizard of Oz, my moms is in the middle and it is a winter scene with a tree and snowman and then mine is and elf shoe.

Another fun thing to put up are small little trinkets or fun statues. My grandma has her house covered in all of these different Santa statues and figurines like the one pictured above. We bought her a new one this year (an elf on the shelf one) and that was her 30th Santa figurine. We usually get her a new one every year.

Now my new favorite thing to decorate around the house and outside the house (I also learned to make them) and that is wreaths. The one pictured above I made for my boss at worked and ended up putting and S in the middle for her last name and I planned on making a few more for family members and church friends as well as other friends.

What do you like to decorate your house with?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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