Fun Family Weekend!

So this Thanksgiving weekend we surprised our family by bringing them in to visit with out them knowing! Gotta love a good surprise! So what is more fun for a family weekend then go-karting and laser tag. Nothing!

One cool part about going go-karting this time is that Pearce the oldest one was finally tall enough to drive a kart on the outside track and even though it was really cold we had to adventure outside anyway to give it a shot.

We then did laser tag and it was super crowded so we were only able to do each thing (go-karting inside, outside and laser tag) once but we still had fun and even played in the arcade afterwards.

After our fun adventures go-karting/laser tagging we went back to Grandma’s house and decorated her tree while she was out so she would be surprised when she got home. Now the three boys were just like you expected when it came to decorating, Pearce the oldest put one…ONE ornament on the tree, Parker the middle one put a couple on and then Porter the youngest decorated most of the tree (with the help of myself, my sister and mom). My favorite part about decorating the tree was watching Fiona watch us decorate let me put you in the mind of the dog in the three pictures

  1. what is this madness going on right now
  2. this has been going on for a while now when is it going to end
  3. this is just pure exhaustion right now

Fiona was very overwhelmed this weekend with the boys in and out of the house and the Christmas decorating and everyone being home at the same time. Now everyone has gone back to there house and she has been able to rest up.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? did you have fun with your family? did you go black Friday shopping? I didn’t…maybe next year (I say this every year)

xxx Lauren Amanda


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