Olive Holt: EP Review

So I know this came out a while ago (like July 15th) but you know what it is never to late to
olivia-holt-olivia__optreview something you like to listen to. I had listened to Phoenix on repeat of a while and decided to give the EP a shot and I love it!

One of my favorite songs on the EP is History which she just released the music video for and I was so excited to see Leo Howard in it. I loved seeing Leo in Freakish on Hulu and I am excited to see him doing so much more stuff.

Now back to Olivia. Now a days almost all the stars on disney or nickelodeon not only act but sing. Its like it is a requirement now and she has such a unique voice and I love the way she does sound different then everyone else and she brings out a note that Selena Gomez might does but she puts her own spin on it.

I am sad that I missed her on tour as she was near my house and Ryland Lynch was on tour with her but I hope to see her again.

Love the EP and I suggest it to everyone to listen to!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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