My Keurig Haul

So now that it is official cold/chilly outside that means that I have dug out my keurig machine and have also purchased a few k-cups. Some of them new and some of them repeat purchases.

The first purchase was a repeat and that one was Hot Apple Cider and this is probably my favorite one. I love apple cider and it is one of my favorite things to drink this time of year.

The second one I purchased was actually one for my sister. She doesn’t drink coffee so she drinks a lot of hot chocolate and the starbucks hot chocolate is her favorite. I don’t know how it is for you but this is actually quite hard for us to find so when we do we have to snatch it up.

Now this is my favorite blend of coffee. Now I add a lot of creamer to my coffee like the coffee mate peppermint mocha and white chocolate mocha creamer so I like a pretty light based blend and this one is a nice one for me.

Okay this was a new purchase this year which is the new Caffe Latte drinks and to be truthfully honest, I didn’t like this one. I think it is probably the way it is made and the taste together aren’t that good. I do plan on trying another Caffe Latte, like the caramel or something but this one I did not like.

Now for everyone to know which I didn’t know was that the K-Cups have an expiration date so we had to get rid of a few new ones this year because the ones we had, had expired. 😦

What are your favorite K-cups? and which ones should I try?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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