My First NFL Game!

So this past weekend we got to see the last of the two gift we got for our mom. For Christmas last year it was the Adele tickets back in October, for her birthday it was tickets to go see the Washington Redskins play and they didn’t disappoint.

We made the four hour trip to Largo, Maryland and let me tell you it seemed like time flew by going there but not to fast coming home.

Now we grew up as redskins fans and haven’t cheered for any other team in the 26 years of my life and getting to see my mom smile while watching the team play live than on television was amazing. The team played really well even though we were down at one point we came back and beat the Vikings 26-20!

The one surprise about this game was she had no idea where we were sitting during the
game. She thought we were sitting up at the top but to her surprise we were down on the lower level and were right up close!

I bought these tickets on an app called SeatGeek and there were several options for the game when I looked back in May when I got these tickets and there were still some the day of! Now if you are ever looking at getting tickets for any sporting events I would suggest using SeatGeek or Stubhub because a lot of times people will sell there season tickets for games they can’t go to through these apps and you can get them for a decent price.

When we got to Largo Saturday night we decided to drive over to the field to see how close we were and we were actually really close to the field, now our mom wanted to walk to the game Sunday afternoon but let me tell you I don’t think she quite recognized how long it would take to walk until I showed her on my phone that it would take 42 minutes to walk. We drove the next day.

One thing we were exactly prepared for was how cold it was going to be. We looked at the
weather before we went and it was going to be right under 60 degrees which is what it has been where I live so we thought we had dressed appropriately for the game. We were wrong.

The fact that we were wrong was because where we were sitting the sun never touched us. So right before the game started we had to make yet another trip to the store, we made one the night before, and got a few more things to keep ourselves warm.

One thing to us that we weren’t use to was the field looked so small because it was such a large stadium. We are so use to watching the games on tv that to actually see it in real life just made it look smaller. I know its weird that was one thing we talked about but if you have never experienced it like us you would be saying the same thing. lol. We also made the comment that if we were closer to the stadium we would have season tickets but unfortunately we aren’t so we will just have to live with going up once or twice every so many years.

Have you ever been to a professional sports event? If so what was it?

xxx Lauren Amanda





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