Beauty and The Beast!

So this morning I was woken up by my sister because the new Beauty and The Beast Trailer had been released and let me tell you I love it!

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney Movies and to see it brought to life in this was is going to be so much fun.

In the Trailer we get to see all of the characters you see in the cartoon. We see everyone from Chip to Gaston to the two main stars Belle and the Beast. I love how they brought the characters like Chip and Ms Potts to life. The CGI looks really good. I think the idea of making Emma Watson as Belle was an amazing idea. Just seeing her in the trailer makes the character even more alive than before.

Now Dan Stevens as The Beast is awesome. I absolutely loved him as Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey and to be true-fully honest that is the only thing I have even seen him in (I looked it up) and maybe I’ll see him in something else between now and then but right now I am really looking forward to seeing him in this.

The movie comes out on March 17, 2017 which is 2 days after my birthday so I bet you can guess where I will be going for my birthday lol.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can watch it here.

Are you excited for this movie? What Disney movie would you like to see brought to life this way? I would love to see Pocahontas.

xxx Lauren Amanda





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