Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

So I figured out last night that bath and body works was having a sale of $10 off there three wick candles and 3 mini candles for $12. So knowing me and loving candles I had to hop on that so here is what I got!

Let’s start with the two 3 wick candles I got:

Twisted peppermint is by far my favorite bath and body works smell. I got so many lotions, shower gels and mist of this smell last year from friends, family and co-workers that I could not buy anything this year and still have some left over. 

The next candle I got was actually one I got one for my sister and that is Hot Cocoa with Cream.

I think this is a new smell this year and it’s so good. A very chocolately sweet smell and the only thing about this is that this smell is only available in a three wick candle. 

Next are my three mini candles that I got:

  1. Twisted peppermint: just had to get one 😉
  2. Winter candy apple: this is my sisters favorite winter smell. I like it but sometimes it’s a little too strong. 
  3. Spiced gingerbread: I love this because I just love gingerbread 

I did not plan on my any mini candles until I saw the sale and decided that I would get them just to have incase it gets close to Christmas and someone needs one more small thing we could throw one of these in the bag. 

What is your favorite bath and body works smell?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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