My Halloween Costume!

So this year we actually put our hearts and souls into these costumes and I absolutely loved them.

In case you can’t tell what they are my sister, best friend and I went as the Sanderson Sister from the best halloween movie ever Hocus Pocus.

We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to do this but I never thought we could actually pull this off. Caitlyn (my sister) went as Winnie or Winifred Sanderson. Cassie (my best friend) went as Mary Sanderson and then I went as Sarah Sanderson.

We each put into mind that we wanted to use as many items for the costumes that we already owned instead of buying a lot of stuff for it. I love making my own costumes and try to use what is already in my closet before trying to go out and spend a ton of money on a costume or stuff for the costume.

Now with that being said I had to actually go out and buy most of the costume 😦 

The top which is actually a dress is the only thing I actually owned for the costume before getting the rest. The dress is a maroon laced sleeve dress from Altar’d State. The skirt had to be made for me to get something like what she wears in the movie and thank the lord my sister knows how to sew.

I bought four yards of the purple velvet fabric, one year of the tan and two yards of the orange and we sewed a 1 inch loop around the top of each fabric so that we could slip a elastic band through the fabric to make the skirt. Now after this was all said and done the fabric was so heavy that we had to cut and resew the elastic several times for it to be where it needed to be and for it to fit on my waist with out falling off as I walked.

Then of course I had to order the wig which was just a $15 wig off of amazon and if I wasn’t afraid of the time crunch I would have ordered a much better wig of the costume but this one worked well once we pinned a couple of the front hairs underneath so it wouldn’t hang in my face the entire night.

To achieve the make up look I just filled in my eyebrows with a dark brown color, I used the black eye shadow from my lorac pro-to-go palette and black was the only color I used on my eyes. I contoured the heck out of my cheeks using my smash box contour palette and to get the red lips I used my Mary Jo K lip kit from the Kylie Jenner lip kit line.

I loved these costumes and we hope to get out one day and dress back up in these costumes for some actually go costumes because where I lived it decided to get super dark super early on halloween so we weren’t able to get outside and get some good pictures of these costumes.

If you dressed up what were you for halloween?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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