The Flash: S2

So I absolutely love The Flash, the television show and the comics and I just finished season two. Yes another show I am behind on but I’m only a little bit behind on this show and I can watch what I have missed so far on the CW app instead of waiting for it to come out on Netflix.

Now it could be that Grant Gustin is the reason I like this show but no it’s not. Lol. I love superheroes but this is one of few DC Comic characters that I actually like. I am way more of a Marvel fan then DC Comics but I really really love The Flash!

I loved season one and thought that it was going to be harder for them to step it up for season two but they definitely did just that. The new meta-humans and the bringing in of earth two to the show made the show a little bit different than any other superhero show that they have done before.

So earth two is literally a mirror image of the earth that we living on so we got to see a lot of the characters as there good counterparts on earth one and there bad counterparts in earth two and vise versa.

One of my favorite new characters was that of Wally, he is Detective West son and Iris’s brother. He was just a cute character and he brought a lot of nice aspect to the show. He brought laughter, he brought a new story line to the show and he brought the family together a little more which was nice.

I loved that they brought Barry’s father into the show a little more even if it was towards the end of the show and unfortunately SPOILER: he died and I was really upset for Barry because even thought he had the West taking care of them and had them as family, he had finally
gotten actually family back and it was taken away from him in a snap. Dang Zoom.

I liked watching Barry and Iris’s relationship grow as well. I have always shipped them and thought he was exactly what Barry needed they just couldn’t see it. I would shout at the screen for them to kiss or do something and it never happened. I loved watching Barry grow as a character as well. He has finally accepted himself as who he is and he is growing stronger in his superpower but in life in general. He learn to stand up for himself, to stand up for his friends and help anyone or anything that needed it. I just love this show in general.

I can’t wait to start watching season three!

Do you watch the Flash? If so who is your father character?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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