American Horror Story: Hotel


So I know I am behind on this as American Horror Story: Roanoke Nightmare started a couple of weeks ago but like every other American Horror Story I watched them once they got on Netflix. This time it was Season 5 and after watching it, I thought it was okay. It didn’t take the place of my favorite season (Season 2: Asylum) but it was decent.

I watched the first episode back when this season first premiered and to be completely honest I really didn’t like it and I thought I wouldn’t actually watch this season at all but being the fan I am I decided to put my time into and watch this season.

Here is the plot from The season’s story is set in the Hotel Cortez, an enigmatic, six-story, art-deco hotel based in Los Angeles. The plot follows Elizabeth, the owner of the hotel, as she tries to protect herself and her children from the fury of her past lover that seeks revenge on her, as well as John Lowe, a Los Angeles homicide detective on the task-force for a series of grisly murders that lead him in the direction of the hotel.

I really was interested in watching this because of Lady Gaga, I wanted to see how she would do in the acting world and if she would live up to the standards of American Horror Story and to be honest I think she did quite well. Sometimes it was a little cringy to watch but overall I would rate her acting a 7.5 or 8 out of 10.

Now to be honest I do watch this show because of Evan Peters and his character this year was much different then his ones from the past seasons but this one definitely made me laugh more than the others. This season he played the character of James Patrick March who was a serial killer that built the Hotel Cortez in 1925 and owned the hotel in the 1920s and 1930s.

His character where very spunky and the accent that Evan used definitely helped bring the character to life.

I also loved a lot of the other characters Sarah Paulson did really well playing Sally, Wes Bentley as John Lowe was amazing and Denis O’Hara as Liz Taylor was probably my next favorite character of the season. Overall this was an pretty good season, I hope that Roanoke Nightmare is a little better because this is probably at the bottom of my rating of season but it could get better over time.

Have you seen this season and what were your thoughts on it?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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