Freakish: Hulu Review

So for you all who have Hulu or following several social media stars or are on twitter a lot you probably saw #FreakWeek or #FreakishonHulu trending. For you all that were like, What is this? What is Freakish? I am here to tell you as well as give you my review on this show.

The summary of this show is the following: A group of high schoolers struggles against predatory mutants who have taken over their town after a chemical plant meltdown. 

Now this is a show that was being made by AwesomenessTV and Hulu bought the rights to them. Now I do not have Hulu so I watched this show when it was available free on tumblr during #FreakWeek and I would have to say that I am really excited they offered this because I really did enjoy this show.

This show included 10 episodes and during #FreakWeek on tumblr they released two episodes every day for five days and then they had Saturday and Sunday as extra days to finish it if you didn’t get to finish it during the week. Good thing for that because I needed at least Sunday to finish because I was in Nashville Friday and Saturday.

Another awesome thing about this show was that it had a good variety of real actors and actresses and then a good variety of social media stars that a lot of people would recognize. I really watched the show to see how Meghan Rienks did but was really excited to see that Adam Hicks, Leo Howard, Hayes Grier and Liza Koshy.

Now the one thing I was really surprised about was Liza Koshy and her portrayal of her character. I have only ever seen Liza Koshy in her funny youtube videos and vines I had never seen her in such a serious character. She did amazing. It surprised me so much and I really hope to see this become a second season because I want to see how the characters grow.

SPOILER: It ended like it was going to have a second season but you all need to watch it so it gets one!

The story had its sweet, sad, kind moments but it also had its funny, exciting parts. My favorite parts were the parts that kept you on the edge of your seat and as well things jumping out at  you and you trying to hold in your screen because you are suppose to be watching something with your family and you are really watching this instead. But that would never happen 😉

As I re-read this while typing it I am really awful at reviews but I loved this show and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys supernatural, high school, young stars type of shows. This is a great show and would love to see it become another season.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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