My Nashville Experience

So this past weekend we made our trip to Nashville for a weekend and instead of just going down for the day for the concert we decided to make a weekend of it.

We left Friday the 14th and traveled almost 7 hours to get there and had quite a easy ride down and had fun listening to Shawn Mendes and snacking until we got there. Once we got there we made our way to the Escape game and played the Underground Playground game. (I have a post about these on the blog). We absolutely loved the Escape game that the next morning we decided to make another trip back and that time we played the Nashville based game.

After playing the escape game on day two we traveled into downtown Nashville where we bought tickets to do this Hop on Hop off bus tour where we literally road around downtown Nashville and got off at whatever stop we wanted to whenever we wanted to and then we could get back on when the next bus came around. The first stop we got off at was really unintentional and that was the Capital. Now it was really cool to stop here and see the building but the real reason we stopped here was the fact that there was a book festival going on in the courtyard in front of the Capital building and if you know my sister at all you would know she almost jumped off the bus when she heard it was a book festival.

The festival it self was really cool there were books that we had heard of and there was also a lot of self published authors there that were really cool to meet. My sister also got a picture with V.E. Schwab and if you are an avid book reader you would know who this author is and I am pretty proud that I saw her first and told my sister she was there.

The next stop the we made on the bus was to the parthenon which my sister really wanted to see because of the Percy Jackson movie. Now if you ask her she will tell you that is not why she wanted to go but we all know that is why she wanted to go. đŸ˜‰

It was actually really cool to see this because they say it is true to size of the original and let me tell you it was huge! At first we didn’t plan on going inside but when we figured out the tickets were only $6 a piece we decided hey why not and we went inside for a little while to see the Athena statue which was interesting to see. It was not what I expected, it looked fake in a way, looked like its as made very poorly. Not like in the Percy Jackson movie.

Then after we made these two stops we went right back to where we started which was outside the Country Music Hall of Fame, which was really cool because if you look at it from far away like this picture on the right, it looks like piano. Through out our bus hopping on and off they told us about several different things around the city that look like some sort of musical instrument. This just happens to be one of them. A lot of the other things were guitar shapes, we paced a guitar shaped pool and I’m pretty sure they said there was a building as well that was shaped like a guitar if you saw if from above.

Once we got off the bus for the day we walked around and looked through a few different stores. One of them being a boot store which is what my mom wanted to look at and let me tell you there were a lot of stores we could have stopped at. I really liked the boots because they were real cowboy boots and the smell of the place was nice but after being in there for a while it definitely caused a headache. I know after a while I would have gotten use to it but right then and there was not happening. Now if I had, had the money on me I would have considered buying one of the $200 cowboy boots because they were so pretty but knowing me I would have never worn them and it would have been a waste of money so Go Me! for not spending the money. Lol.

Now as we were walking around after eating a late lunch early dinner (is that what you
would call a 3:30 meal?) we decided we would go back to the car and rest a little bit before the concert because where we were parked was all day parking for $10 and we didn’t want to lose it before the concert because we knew we would never find another spot. We saw that they had already set up the merchandise stand for the Adele concert and it was cool to see this Nashville Predators banner hanging up. Now I am a big hockey fan and I support the Carolina Hurricanes 100% but it was really cool to see where another team plays and how the people in the city support them and let me tell you the Predators have a lot of hometown support which was cool to see.

Also I was kind of mad that they played the night before because if we had know we would have considered seeing them play live to add that to our hockey adventures lol.

The scenery in this city was amazing, the big open areas, the small walking areas, the smell the atmosphere was so much fun. It kind of in a way reminded me of New York with all of the construction going on as well as all of the people and street artist that were around. I was very excited we actually had time to walk around and see this beautiful city.

On our last day we decided to make another small adventure to Franklin, Tennessee to see this really cool book store we had seen in a brochure we found in our hotel. Now I made a post about this place as well in my Nashville Book haul post but this is what the place looked like.

This book store use to be the Old Factory Store which was used as a hospital for the wounded after a horrible conflict on November 30, 1864. This building has housed the following:

  • Shea’s Grocery
  • A.J. Edwards Antiques and Furniture Repair
  • Elva Givens Antiques
  • Dotson’s Restaurant (1954-1978)
  • First Citizens Bank.

In 1972 this building was placed not he National Register for Historic Places. If you are ever in Franklin, Tennessee and love books or just love bookstores I would check this place out! They had new books as well as old, rare out of date books.

Now the saddest part of this whole weekend was having to cut the vacation off and head
back home. I love where I live and I missed my family but I wish we could have stayed a little bit longer because I know there was so much more we wanted and could have done.

We wanted to do a star’s house tour and I wanted to do the haunted Franklin tour but there just wasn’t enough hours in the day for us to be able to do all of this. But when I think about it, it just helps me all out in the long haul when I can convince my family that we need to go back and visit the city again so that we can do all of this stuff we didn’t get to do the first time.

Have you all ever been to Nashville? If so what was your favorite part?

If you live in Nashville what is your favorite part about living there? What other city do you want to visit?

xxx Lauren Amanda











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