Adele in Concert

So this weekend while in Nashville we finally got to use what we got my mom for Christmas. Our tickets to Adele and OH MY GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!

I have been to a lot of concerts through out my 26 years of living and I would have to say that this could possibly be the best concert I have ever been to. And again I have been to a lot of concerts.

She sounds just as good live as she does on her CDs and to be able to do that is something not a lot of artist can do. She is very good at keeping the crowd involved and she started out at the beginning saying that it would be a 2 and a half hour long show because she talks a lot and yes she did talk a lot during the show but it was fun to hear her talk.

She also brought someone up on stage which was really cool. Her interaction with everyone was so much fun. She would make fun of people in the crowd and then would tell stories about other people who had come to pervious shows and made fun of them. Not in a mean way but just something they did was funny and she had to repeat what they did.

She also talked about her love for her son, who is turning four soon, and how she has baby fever but she was going to wait until tour was over to have another baby. One thing which was really cool was how she talked about once tour is over she is going to disappear for a while to have a real life but she would be back. It takes a lot for a star as big as her to just step out of the light and hide away for a while but sometimes it is what anyone needs.

The cool part (at least for me) was the fact she started the whole concert with Hello which just made me laugh inside a little bit. Lol. I know anyone would start there tour with that song because it just makes sense but it was still cool that she did. Now we did leave right before the encore but as we were walking out of the arena would could hear it.

What was cool was the fact I had not heard her entire newest album so getting to hear some of the songs I never had before live was really cool. I wish Adele would come out with a live CD so that everyone could hear what she sounds like live.

One really cool thing was as we were leaving we decided to stop by the merchandise stand one more time and my sister decided to get the journal. It was a cool journal that said Adele Live 2016 on the front and it was like a mat leather type texture. So as my sister was getting money from my mom she turned around and handed the lady at the concession stand and the lady handed it to my sister and said this is signed. WHAT? Yes the lady said that Adele signs random pieces of merchandise at the stand before each show and my sister just happened to get one of the journals that she signed.


I would rate this tour a 10/10 for sure. No denying it. 10 out of 10. I would see her again for sure if I could. Let me tell you I literally had to take a nap after I got these tickets because it is the hardest thing I have ever had to work for in my entire life.

Loved the tour. Have you ever seen Adele in concert? If not what has been your favorite concert you have ever been to?

xxx Lauren Amanda




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