Escape Game: Nashville

We played it again! This time we played in Nashville and the only reason we did was because they have games in Nashville that weren’t in Pigeon Forge. 

First we played Underground Playground. This is what it says about it on the website:

Find surprises in our underground Kindergarten playground! This game is more than just ABC’s and 1-2-3’s, and accommodates up to 12 players. So get your favorite sidekicks together and test your wits in a room that is anything but Elementary. Fail to escape and you’ll be repeating Kindergarten!

We played with a group of seven other people which was good because this room is made to work with 12 people so having those other people made it easier. We escaped this game with 20 minutes and 38 seconds left which they told us was really really good. Now unfortunately if we had finished 25 minutes earlier we would have made the leader board. 

This was a fun game there were a lot of kids books and playground activities that you had to do to solve the puzzles. It was also a lot of math involved and not kindergarten math either lol. We also only asked for two clues which is really good. 

The second game we played was Nashville which is one of the games only available in Nashville (duh). Here is what it says about it on the website:

You and your team are an up-and-coming band who want to make it big in the music industry. Recently, you heard a rumor that world renowned producer Rick Teggen hid a contract in his studio before he retired. Legend has it that if you’re the band that finds the contract, he will come back to produce one last record, guaranteed to make you famous. You’re a guest in the studio, so you only have 60 minutes…Good Luck!

Now this game we played just the three of us and it wasn’t to bad and we did escape but with only two minutes and some change to spare. Also I solved the final puzzle but didn’t know I had until Steven our game guide came in and said we escaped. 

Now being just the three of us Steven helped us out a lot by giving us a few free clues because the game is made for seven people. Kyle the game guide for the first game didn’t give us any free clues. 

This in my opinion was probably one of the hardest because there was one really big math problem that had fractions and decimals that all of us struggled to solve and we had to use a clue to help solve it. 

All and all I really enjoyed these two games and would put them as my two favorites. My favorite being Prison Break in Pigeon Forge even though we didn’t escape it. Can’t wait to play another escape game soon. 

xxx Lauren Amanda


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