Clowns: My Opinion

So we have all heard in the news recently about these Killer Clowns that have been seen out and about. Well I have a few things to say…if one runs at me i’m running it over.

With all that is going on these killer clowns are making it a lot harder for people to do anything. It’s just stupid people dressing up to get a scare but what I don’t think they understand is there are going to get hurt. Some seriously. I have seen videos of these people dressed up getting hit by cars, beat up, scared off.

I understand people want to have fun and people think this might be fun but if you don’t get hurt you are going to get in trouble. I just saw a video about two girls getting jail time and $10,000 bails. Is this really all worth it? Why get yourself hurt or in trouble if you don’t need to. I have yet to see one and hope to never see one but I know it is causing people to not leave there house, kids not wanting to go outside and play.

I have yet to hear if anything really has happened that they say is happening. Supposedly at first the were trying to get kids to follow them into the woods to rape or kill them. Is this true? Has this happened? I don’t know but I don’t want to know either.

Clowns are for fun at the circus not for carrying knifes in the woods.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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