Once Upon A Time: S5

So I have finally caught up to season 6 of the show by finishing season 5 this past weekend. Now to just watch the three episodes of season 6 and I will be completely caught up on the show! I just need my sister to finish season 5 first…hurry up Caitlyn.
Season 5 of Once Upon a Time started out with the becoming of Dark Swan. I absolutely loved Dark Swan and loved how Jennifer Morrison portrayed this character. We have seen Emma struggle accepting the role of the Savior but it didn’t seem to take her long to embrace the Dark One. When we first see them transported back to the Enchanted Forest we see Emma trying her hardest to not let the darkness take her over but and that the old Rumplestiltskin pretty much being the voice in her head that no one else can see telling her to accept the darkness.
The first new character that we see is one of my all time favorite Disney characters and that is Merida from Brave. She is who helps out Emma at first when we first see them in the Enchanted Forest and she is trying to save her brothers as well as try and rule a kingdom that can’t accept her as Queen. Merida is trying to lead Emma to an area where she can try and stop the darkness but with Rumplestiltskin talking to her and Emma responding Merida fears her life and runs away from them causing Emma to get a little mad.

At this point the others have made there way to the Enchanted Forest and are trying to dark-swan-once-upon-a-time-39082045-250-355find Emma and help her get back to Storybrooke and help her deal with and get rid of the darkness. Now back in Storybrooke it’s a year later and no one remembers what happened in the last year and Emma has fully accepted the Darkness and causing mischief and mayhem in Storybrooke.

As they watch Emma grow darker they figure out that she has hidden there memories inside dreamcatchers that she made while struggling with the darkness at the beginning. The biggest memories she kept was when she took the heart of a young girl name Violet who Henry had a crush on and she made Violet break up with him. The other one was her making Hook into a Dark One so that he could survive a cut that was made by excalibur. This causing him to become very upset with her and with everyone else in Storybrooke.

He uses the darkness to try and destroy his relationship with Emma as his number one thing he wants to use the darkness for is to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin or the Crocodile as he refers to him.

I absolutely loved Hook in the season (I have loved him since he showed up on the show but so far this is my favorite Hook/Killian). I loved how they changed his appearance as the Dark One. His hair is shagger, his attitude is back to what is was at the beginning. It’s his way or the highway.

He starts to blame Emma for this, it is her fault let’s all accept that, because he had tried so hard to become a good person, to stay away from the evil inside of him and like that becoming the Dark One has brought him back to what he never wanted to be again. I felt bad for him, he was doing so well and had finally found love in Emma and now all of the revenge that had bottled up inside of him had come back out and he couldn’t make it go away this time. Now the end of the darkness had to come and Hook had brought all of the past Dark Ones and at first we thought Emma was going to take all of the power and then kill herself but instead Hook stepped in and took all of the power in and then had Emma kill him causing us to start our next adventure into the second half of the show.

Like the rest of the seasons the second half of the season brought us into a new area and that new area this season is the underworld. One of the cool things to see was them bringing in Hercules. How he was who taught Snow how to use the bow and arrow and how he had one task he needed to do before going back up with his family. Thats all you see of him until you see him again in the underworld. Unfortunately he failed at his task and was sent to the underworld until he finished his final task and could go on to the afterlife.


We also see Hades from the Hercules movie and how he uses people to try and get a beating heart again and we find out the only way he can have a beating heart again is true loves kiss. We find out that his only true love is that of Zelena and he continues to use Zelena and tries to use there love to gain his beating heart back as well as earn the trust of everyone around him. The people of the underworld as well as the people of Storybrooke that are currently in the Underworld trying to save Hook from Hades and get him back  to Storybrooke by splitting Emma’s heart like they did with Snow to save Charming.

As we learn about Hades we learn about how him and Zelena met and in doing that we meet the Scarecrow and Dorothy. Now Dorothy has a small part in two or three episodes and we learn that she is Ruby’s true loves kiss. Very cute story line.

We learn that Hades was only using Zelena to earn back his beating heart so that he could get back to Storybrooke and take charge over that area as well since he had already taken over the Underworld he needed somewhere new to take over.


Now the most devastating part of this whole thing was that Hook was left in the Underworld because they couldn’t find a way to get him out because Hades had destroyed what was the only thing that could get him back. Now for Hook to be able to pass onto the promise land was for Hades to be killed but he had to trust the magic and trust Emma to see what he wanted and that he did so he passed on and let me tell you I wasn’t quite sure I was going to be able to handle that.

Now the most devastating part of the whole season for me was when Robin Hood sacrificed himself to save Regina. After his sacrifice we see that Regina is finally able to
7ff5da75f68f9b60_142771_7147-900x600-xxxlargeearn the trust of her sister Zelena and they help each other and they killed Hades together. Now we see the funeral scene and also see Emma crying of the grave they have made for Killian as well. Now during all of this Hook has made it to the promise land and waiting for him is Zeus, Hades brother, and we learn that because he has helped with the defeat of Hades, Zeus is there to help Hook on his journey. Now his journey is that to be returned to Storybrooke and as Emma is saying her goodbyes to Robin by herself we see that Killian has now returned to Storybrooke and back with is true love Emma! I cried sad and happy tears during this scene.

Now unlike the past season this season we see a third land. The Land of Untold Stories. We also meet two new characters that of Dr. Jekyll (the one with glasses) and Mr. Hyde (the one without glasses), I believe that they will have a bigger role in season 6 as they only came in, in the last two episodes and one of the last scenes we see in the last episode is Mr. Hyde appearing in Storybrook as Regina and Henry restoring the magic in Storybrooke that Henry destroyed in New York.

I absolutely loved this season and by far this is probably my favorite season in a whole that they have had. My other favorite being the Neverland part of season 3. I can’t wait to start season 6 once my sister finishes season 5.

This will be my last review of Once Upon a Time until season 6 finishes up. Now I hope to get my hands on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and review that as well as it has been a while since I have seen it. That will come one day.

Talk to you all soon!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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