Niall Horan: This Town

Can I just start out by saying OH MY GOSH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG AND I LOVE NIALL HORAN!!!! Okay i’m better now 🙂

Niall was/is my favorite member of One Direction and when I got the tweet about this song coming out, I was literally jumping up and down with excitement. When I got off work on the release day I bought it on iTunes before I had even heard the whole song.

I, along with most of the One Direction fanbase, did not see Niall being the first one to release a solo single. I thought he would be one that would step away from music for a while and have some what of a normal life but instead he has been secretly working on music and said he hopes to have a full solo album out by spring or summer of 2017. He has been working on this particular song since March and wanted to make sure it turned out the way he wanted it to be before releasing it. He also said they worked really hard to not have it leaked before releasing it himself.

I also love the video the released for this song. This is a one take one mic live video and he sounds amazing in it. The one thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of in One Direction was that I didn’t think Niall always got his shot at having a great solo. The solos he did have were great and he did amazing on them but I feel like he just got a solo here or there and they left the best solos for Harry, Liam and Zayn (when he was in the band).

One thing though is that I really hope that he ends up releasing an actual music video for this song because I believe if done well and follows the lyrics of the song it can be a really good music video.

I love this song and if you do to let me know! We can fan girl (or boy) together!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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