Miss Pregrine’s Movie Review

I will put when Spoilers start but most likely they will continue to the end of this review. If you have yet to see the movie and don’t want to be spoiled, you might want to wait and read this review. 

So I posted on Friday about how I was so excited for this movie to come out and I did go and see it Friday night and I have a few opinions on it. Let’s get started…

So if you didn’t know this is based after a book by Ransom Riggs and we all know how books that are turned into movies are not exactly the same. This one goes in that pile.

SPOILERS: The last like 20-30 minutes of the movie is completely different from the book and I mean completely different. The way they ended this movie was as if they wouldn’t be making anymore of the series. I haven’t heard if they are or not but in my opinion they kind of closed all lose ends at the end of this book.

One thing about this movie that I did like was that even though they didn’t follow the book exactly the heart of the story was there and they did follow a little bit of the stories lines. Some more pretty obvious changes if you have read the book is the fact that Emma and Olive’s powers have been switched and even though they are it didn’t really make that big of a difference in the movie.
The hollows were really cool brought to life but to be honest I expected them to be a little creepier than what they were in the movie. Samuel L Jackson played Barron in the movie and he played the character really well but they way they were portrayed and shown on screen to me was weird. I don’t know why it was just like they didn’t really belong in the film they were just put there.

I would have to say one thing I did love about this movie was them adding a story to the twins. In the book they are mentioned once in a photograph. They have no story or are apart of the story line at all in the book but in the movie you do get to see them quite a bit. They would have given the book a little more of a twist with there peculiarity that they had in the movie. (SPOILER: they can turn things to stone!)

They way the Jake was portrayed was actually quite good in my opinion. Asa Butterfield was the boy that portrayed Jake and I believe he did just like I said…quite good. Jake is suppose to be someone who believed all of these stories as a child but as he grew older people convinced him that the stories were just made up. After his grandfather was killed he takes a trip to an the island his grandfather grew up on hoping to see if he was telling the truth or not.

He is a boy who isn’t the brave person people think/want/need him to be. After time he does learn exactly what is peculiarity is and that he is there to help and save them. I really didn’t have a favorite character while reading the books. I liked them all but I really did like how they brought the character of Fiona to life. She was a strong willed girl who just wanted people to do what was right but was ready to help stop something if needed.

I believe the casting was done really well. I haven’t read the 1st book of this series in a while but if i remember correctly the characters were just like the books in they way of portrayal.

One thing I don’t remember much was that Enoch was not as moody in the book as he was in this movie. He just seemed mad at everything and wanted it to be his way or no way. It might have been like this in the book but I just don’t remember that. Also I don’t remember there being a relationship or hints of a relationship between him and Olive. Again that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in the book it just means I don’t remember it being in the book .

As you read this review you probably are thinking that I didn’t enjoy this movie that well but I did, it just wasn’t the book at all. The movie was really good and I would see it again its just not what I was hoping for.

I loved the book and I know that things aren’t always brought to the screen the way we want them to, look at every other book made into a movie. I just hope that if they do decide to continue on with the movies like the books I hope that they don’t change them into a completely new story line. I don’t want them to completely ruin this book series.

If you have seen the movie what did you think about it?

xxx Lauren Amanda








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