Once Upon a Time: S4

I am getting through this series and catching up faster than I expected to. I finished season 4 this week and started season 5 and hope to finish season 5 by the end of this next weekend and only be 2 or 3 episodes behind on season 6. A girl can hope right.

At the start of season 4 we are introduced to two new characters who were also new to the Disney Universe and that is Anna and Elsa from Frozen. I loved how they still keep the character of Elsa afraid of hurting anyone and looking out for her sister. I also loved how Anna was portrayed. She was true to character. She loved life and was the bubbly fun girl she was in the animated movie as well. It was also fun to see them bring Kristof and Sven brought to life as well. I would have love to see them try and bring Olaf to life as well. He was mentioned but the only snow creature we saw brought to life was the snow monster that she also made in the animated movie as well.

One of my favorite parts of this season was to see the relationship between Hook and Emma bloom into what we all want it to be. BIG SPOILER: why did I Love You have to be the last thing she said to him before letting the dark take her over 😦

I am still absolutely in love with Hook/Killian he is trying so hard to stay good and be what Emma and everyone else believes he can be. Also the way that he was portrayed in the last episode (when the good are now bad and the bad are now good). He was taken his captain title away and was a deck boy and afraid of fighting and allergic to rum. The Author just had to go and change everything!

Like every other season the first half is based on one thing and the second half is based on something else. The first half of this season was the story line of Anna and Elsa in Frozen and in the second half we are introduced to three of Disney most favorite Villains. 

We are introduced to Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula. I loved that we see there past and we see why Maleficent is the way she is because of Snow and Charming. We see the way that Cruella has power over the dogs. The one thing I liked the most was the story of Ursula. She like Ariel had her voice taken away but for Ursula it was just her singing voice taken away and it was taken away from her from Hook. Only because Ursula’s dad told him to so that she wouldn’t leave him. Ursula used her singing voice to lure in her dad’s next victims and she wanted to leave her dad to have a life where she didn’t have to do that anymore.

The season ended by us meeting the Author and the Author teamed up with Gold/Rumple and re-wrote everything so that the heroes would now be villains and the villains would now be the heroes. In doing this we see Robin about to marry Zelena, Hook is a deck boy, Emma is tied up on an abandon island and Snow controls Charming by holding his heart.

The end is what killed me and I was so happy to be able to go straight to starting season 5 due to Netflix. I can’t wait to see what Dark Emma is like!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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