It’s Finally Here!

It’s only like a week late but it’s finally here, my iPhone 7 plus. 

I chose the matte black over the jet black because the smudges that would be left on the jet black would have drove me crazy. Everyone iPhone I have ever owned has been white on the front and either gold or rose gold on the back so this is a big change for me lol. 

I have played around with the camera quite a bit and the telephoto lens that they added is awesome! Now besides that and the water resistance or water proof (I’m afraid to try this out see what it really is) it’s pretty much just like the iPhone 6s Plus that I originally had. 

Tip: the cases are not the same. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The people at the cell phone place were set and determined my old case would work. I knew it wouldn’t and it didn’t. 

I will post some example pictures so I just wanted to give my first day impressions!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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