Once Upon A Time: S3

So I am quickly getting through this show not quick enough as Season Six started Sunday but hopefully I will finish the rest of this show and only be a few episodes behind on season 6. Anyway let me tell you what I thought about season 3.
Season 3 started out in Neverland which I am a big fan of the Peter Pan story and I really liked how they changed this story around and made it a darker story then it originally is.

The reason we are in Neverland is because Peter Pan wants Henry to give him his heart. He plays the nice guy and tricks Henry into believing that he is the only person who can save magic. Poor Henry.

We are also introduced to many other people in Neverland like the lost boys and Tinkerbell. I absolutely love how they portrayed Tinkerbell. It had very similar things to the story of Tinkerbell and her individual movies that are made through Disney. She is someone who just wants to help people but is betrayed and turns somewhat evil. But not really evil. It’s kind of hard to describe how she is but I love how she was portrayed and Rose McIver played Tinkerbell very well.

One thing I love about this show is how they bring in people with different accents  to play characters who in there original stories/movies just had an american accent. Also the way that Colin O’Donoghue plays Hook as a British man and Colin himself is actually Irish really shows his ability to act.


Now lets talk about about Peter. I absolutely loved this story line. I mentioned it above and I will mention it again. Robbie Kay played an awesome Peter Pan, he also portrayed the Pied Piper and Malcolm. He brought the character to life and knew exactly how to keep the people interested in what was going on.

Now I wish this story line hadn’t ended so soon and I really wish they would have a spin off show Once Upon A Time in Neverland like they did with Wonderland but a girl can  dream. I also know at one point this was brought up but I think they decided against it. Now one thing about this story line was I did know how it ended before it actually ended because my sister watched it previously but that didn’t change my opinion on this story line. He was an evil person and I loved it! 

Another character they brought in briefly was Ariel who was portrayed by Joanna Garcia. Now I thought this was a little weird it was kind of just put into the story line to bring in a new character. I wish they had waited on this one and would have brought it in a little later when they could have kept the story of the character going. I absolutely love Ariel and I think that the character was just put into the show as a filler. She comes in a lot through out the end of the season but when she first came in was out of place. She had her own episodes but still it was like they didn’t know what else to do so they brought Ariel in.

Now the second half of the season was really good! It we were introduced to the Wicked Witch of the West or Zelena as she is know before hand. She is absolutely Wicked and knew exactly what to do to twist up the story. Also her evil monkeys were absolutely freaky looking and her control over Mr. Gold made me love Mr. Gold a little more, he was so vulnerable and I felt so bad for him.

Also in this part of the season we saw Hook and Emma’s relationship kind of come to life a little. I want them together just like everyone else but just to see him fight for her and risk his life for her really brought that relationship to life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Another thing about this season is we really saw Regina grow as a person. I like a lot of people didn’t like Regina at the beginning but to see her now and to see her working against evil really is a way to see her trying. I love it!

If you have seen this season what did you think? I also can’t wait to see what they do to bring Anna and Elsa to life. I have heard mixed reviews about the first half of season 4 and can’t wait to tell you what I think!

xxx Lauren Amanda



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