I’m mad…

So I ordered and iPhone 7 plus and it was suppose to be here on Monday. I contacted the cell phone place Monday evening after not hearing from them and they told me it hadn’t arrived at that they were contacting Apple to see where the phone was. After not hearing from them for two days I visited the cell phone place and they told me that they couldn’t get ahold of Apple and that several other companies couldn’t either and that they weren’t sure when my phone would arrive. 

Now what makes me mad is this is not just happening to me it’s happening to a lot of people and the fact that Apple didn’t even have extra iPhone 7 plus phones available on release day at the stores for people who didn’t pre-order shows that they didn’t prepare what they knew would be popular. They knew this phone would be popular so why didn’t they plan ahead and make more plus phones then regular?

It’s a waiting game now and I’m just getting madder as the days go on

Sorry about the rant

xxx Lauren Amanda


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