iOS 10…My Opinions

So the new iOS 10 has been released and in my opinion I absolutely love it! Now I know there are mixed reviews on this update and like any other update that has been released people are saying wait for the new one like iOS 10.1 or something which if I wasn’t getting a new phone next week then I would wait but I won’t have a choice once I get my new phone. Yes I am getting the iPhone 7!

The new notification page looks a little like the one to the left here. It’s cool because you can still see the

I LOVE some of the new features that I have learned so far and some of those being the ones from the messaging app. Being able to send text and have different effects to them makes it so much more fun. Invisible ink, Slam, Loud, and Gentle are the new effects you can do. I love the invisible ink even if I am just using it to send one to my sister and it isn’t really a secret.
The invisible ink send the message and it looks like it is just a bunch of little dots and you have to swipe your hand across to be able to see the actually text. The gentle has the text start out really small and then gets to normal size.

The loud makes the text really big and then goes down to normal size. Then slam kind of slams the text down onto the screen really fast.

Another fun thing about the messaging is you can send some fun little back ground effects like balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and shooting stars.

The balloon effects sends several balloons of different colors up from the bottom of the screen all they way until the disappear at the top. The next effect is the confetti where confetti falls from the top of the screen all the way to the bottom. The lasers literally send lasers out around from the text you just sent.

The fireworks literally are exactly how it sounds, it is several fireworks that come up on the screen. Then the last screen effect is that of a shooting star. It is one blue star that shoots across the screen from the left to the right.

The Those are a little more vibrant and out there then the text effects but for a fun like celebration of birthdays or special events would be fun but not for everyday events. I probably won’t use the screen effects as much as I will use the text ones.

TIP: If you are trying to figure out how to do this you need to type in your text in the message area and then holding down on the blue arrow on the right. Once you have pushed down long enough you will get the option of the text effects on the side. If you want the screen effects like the balloons or confetti then at the top of the screen you have to select the screen button. Bubble=Text and Screen=Screen.

FYI – this will only work if you are sending a message to other people who have iPhones. This won’t send to anyone else. 

The next thing that changed just a little bit is when you open up a folder that you have made on your screen it now completely blurs out the background.  Looking at this I don’t really remember what it looked like on iOS 9, apparently I don’t pay attention enough but I do remember this is not what it looked like.

Also another big change is you can swipe across to unlock your phone. Now when you swipe to the right you go straight to the page that has your calendar, news, and other things that would have been on the left screen after you unlocked your phone and swiped to the left. When you swipe to the left when your phone is still locked it goes to your camera. Before you would have to swipe up while you were in locked mode to get to your camera. So now instead of swiping across to unlock your phone you either have to do the thumb print or if you don’t have the thumbs print option on the older iPhones you have to click the home button and your number code will come up for you to enter in. This is probably going to be the thing that takes me the longest to get use to.

Another new app added to the phone is actually apart of the clock app you can now track your bedtime. First you are asked a few questions like What time do you need to wake up? and How many hours of sleep do you need? and you can also set up what time of days this certain setting needs to be done.

Mine is seen here on the left. I wear a uniform to work so I sleep until the very last minute. I have to be at work at 7 and I wake up between 6:30 and 6:35 as it is only a 10 minute drive to work. I told the app that I wanted 8 hours of sleep each night so it told me I needed to go to sleep by 10:35 to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I have this setting set for Monday through Friday and not on the weekends as I try to sleep in if I can.

I have yet to actually use this bedtime setting but one of my friends has and she says it starts tracking your sleep once you get off your phone. So if you are on your phone playing games, looking at snapchat or on Facebook once you stop and set your phone down and don’t touch it for so many minutes that is when it will start tracking your sleep. It will stop once you turn off your alarm.

I really do love this update and I know a lot of people do not like it but give it time and you will learn to love it…I hope.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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