Let’s Talk About…Big Brother

So I have been watching this show religiously for several years and this year has been one for the books. I personally think this has been one of the most well played games that the show has seen so far.  It’s not over yet, there is still another week, but I felt like I needed to put out my opinion so far. This season has seen several chances where they have been able to get back into the game and Victor has done so well!

I did not like Victor at the start of the game but I would have to say that he was the best player behind Paul. SPOILER: I’m kind of upset Victor got voted off 😦

One thing about this season was that was different than others was there were a lot of people this season that got on my nerves. I don’t know if that is how they are in real life or if they just acted like this on the show. I started out liking Michelle but as the season went on she just kept getting more annoying as it went on. One other character that annoyed the crap out of me was Day and she annoyed me the first time too.

I absolutely love Nicole and she was one of my favorites when she was on her time too as well as James, I was super excited to see them both again and hope that maybe one of them will win.

The season finale is September 21st and I will let you know my opinions on the rest of the game then!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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