Top 5 Favorite YouTubers

  1. iJustine – I absolutely love Justine (and her sister Jenna). Her reviews and her love for technology is exactly what I love too so to see her opinion on things is amazing. Her vlogs are hilarious too)
  2. Zoella – I have watched Zoe for a while now and have love to see her grow as a person and YouTuber. 
  3. Clevver (beauty break and cheat day) – this is a fun group of people to watch. Beauty Break and Cheat Day are my two favorite things to watch on this channel but they do have so much more. 
  4. Jimmy Fallon – I really just like to watch the games he plays with celebrities on his show. 
  5. LexLovesLos (Carlos and Alexa PenaVega) – I absolutely loved Big Time Rush and Alexa was one of my favorite actresses growing up so I love this couple! And they pretty much daily vlog so It makes it even better. 

Those are my favorite YouTubers who are yours?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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