Once Upon A Time: S1

So I know I’m behind but I re-watched this season so that I could catch up on the seasons I have missed and I am so mad I got so far behind in this series because I absolutely love it!

Here is the synopsis of season 1:

An infant known as Emma is sent away to a distant land when the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse hits the Enchanted Forest, ripping every inhabitant away to a town called Storybrooke, where the only happy ending is the Evil Queen’s. This is until she adopts a child called Henry, who, on Emma’s 28th birthday, visits her in Boston and reveals that he is her son. They then travel back to Storybrooke where Henry tells Emma that she is the only one that can break the Dark Curse. Emma reluctantly stays, not because she believes in the curse, but because she wants to keep her eye on Henry’s adoptive mother who may or may not actually care about her son. 

I am a big Disney fan and love the idea of this show and the characters they have chosen thus far. I do know a lot of what happens in upcoming seasons and new characters they introduce in upcoming seasons because unlike me my sister kept up with this show. 

The story line is great. The way they bring all of these characters together yet keep there individual stories true to life. I also like how the combine a couple of characters into one like they did with Rumpelstiltskin as so far we have seen him as the character Rumplestiltskin as well as the character of the beast from beauty and the beast. You also see Prince Charming from Snow White and the story of the Prince and the Pauper. 

One of my other favorite things was they brought in characters we haven’t seen/heard of in a while and like the story of Hansel and Gretel. Changes were made from there original story like now they are twins and the witch is blind but it was cool to see characters like these brought in as well. 

We also see characters like Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood and her Granny. The story of Red Riding Hood being a werewolf and being the wolf the terrorizes the town was a really cool spin on that story. 

I love the introduction of new hats gets like Emma the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and Henry, Emma’s son. Henry is the one that believes that they are all story book characters and that he needs his mom to believe so that they can all remember who they are. 

Another fun thing I liked was the way they made the story book characters in modern day have different things about them or the thing shred say help you realize what characters they are in the story. 

Red Riding Hood/Ruby had her red cap in her story and in real life Ruby has red stripes of hair as well as wearing a lot of red like her scarf and jackets. Pinocchio/August would always said he never lied. 

I can’t wait to see what the story line takes on as I start season two and catch up to see the new season 6 coming on tv on September 25. I know I won’t be caught up by then but a girl can dream šŸ˜‰

xxx Lauren Amanda


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