My GameStop Haul

Over the past few days I have made a few stops at GameStop and picked up a few things while I was there. This is what I bought. 

The first purchase was the 3ds that I talked about in one of my last posts. I told you in that post that this was a GameStop exclusive but I was also recently at Best Buy and saw them there too so they must not be exclusively at GameStop. 

My next purchase was the first season game of The walking Dead for the PS Vita. Now the PS Vita will soon not be available so a lot of the games at my GameStop are pre-owned and I love pre-owned games when it comes to games I know I might not be good at and I can actually try them out with out spending $50 for the game. 

My next purchase was season two of The Walking Dead another game I probably wouldn’t consider getting a while ago but I love the show and thought I would give the game a chance too. 

My last purchase was Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. I have always wanted to try these Batman games and have looked at several games for the Play Station 3 but decided to get this game on the PS Vita instead. One day I will try the other games on the Play Station but this time I will try this game. 

I can’t wait to play these games and give you all a little review on them. I hope to catch onto them as well since I have never played games like these before!

If you have any of these games and can give me any tips please let me know!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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