My New Toy!

I had no intentions of buying this new 3ds XL and actually had no idea it even existed or was going to exist until is saw iJustine’s video of her searching for it and going to buy it. I was perfectly fine with my green Yoshi 3ds XL that I got from target a few years ago but this new galaxy one over took it just a little. 

This 3ds is only available at GameStop and was $199.99 but luckily I had several GameStop gift cards I had collected over time so I was able to bring the price down quite a bit. I love the purchase I made and have showed it off to several people since I have gotten in. 

This is part of the New Ninenton 3ds line so there is a few new things. The volume button is in a new spot which I love because I don’t accidentally turn up the volume while I am playing. I have quite gotten use to the new placement of the start and select buttons but I will eventually. 

Now if you do run out and purchase this item I want to let you know it the New Nintendo 3ds systems do not come with chargers, why don’t ask me, but if you don’t already have a charger I suggest buying one of there USB chargers where you can charge it anywhere you want. I usually charge mine on my computer. 

xxx Lauren Amanda


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