iPhone 7?

So yesterday Apple had its annual keynote where the announced several new things. They announced two new Apple watches and the new iPhone 7. 

I have always been a big apple product fan and this new phone I hope is as good as they said. If you didn’t see the announcement here is some new things it includes:

  1. No headphone jack. They announced EarPods which will connect over the Lightning port. This will be very interesting. They also announced AirPods which is wireless headphones. I did see later that there apparently will be an adaptor that you will be able to use other headphones with. 
  2. A new color which at first they called it Piano Black but then through the announcement called it Jet Black. Slate Gray will no longer be available. 
  3. It’s supposedly completely water proof. I love water proof things but it probably won’t use it in any type of water just out of fear. 
  4. There will be an iPhone 7 Plus that will include dual-lens camera that will allow you to take more professional pictures. 
  5. The home button will be force sensitive which will be very interesting. It will have a vibrating feature when used. 

These phones will be $649 for the iPhone 7 and $769 for the iPhone 7 plus and with the highest gigabytes being 256 which is a large range. 

I think the biggest deal people have made that I have seen was the whole thing about the headphones and the new camera on the 7 plus. I love my 6 plus and if I do purchase the 7 I most likely will go for the 7 plus and I might actually consider that Piano/Jet black phone. 

I know at some point I will purchase this phone as I am obsessed with Apple products. I just hope it’s up the the hype they have given it. 

xxx Lauren Amanda


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