Maximum Ride: Movie Review


So I really hope I wasn’t the only person that didn’t know this book was being made into a movie. I know it had been in talks for years but I didn’t know it had actually been made.

Now for you all that don’t know about this Maximum Ride stuff it is a series of books by James Patterson for his young adult audience. I remember when the first book came out and if I remember correctly is was the first book I ever read in one sitting. James Patterson’s writing styles are very nice and there are a lot of chapters but the chapters are very short so you seem to fly through the books faster. For you that don’t know what Maximum ride is about here is what it is about.

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult fantasy novels by the author James Patterson, with a manga adaptation published by Yen Press. The series is centered on the adventures of Maximum “Max” Ride and five other characters after their escape from the lab facility known as The School. Their group is labeled the Flock, reminiscent of the fact that each of the main characters are avian-human hybrids (they have wings), a result of the Flock’s past involvement with The School. The series was inspired by but is not a reboot of Patterson’s earlier novels When the Wind Blows and The Lake House. (from wikipedia).

Now I’m going to start of saying that this movie was not the best movie on the planet. You could tell it was a low budget film and that the acting was the best but to me it wasn’t a bad movie either. It showed the relationship of the characters and how they became what they are and how they work together even when they are mad at each other.

Now when I looked up the cast on IMDB I had never seen any of these actors before and some had only been in a few things. You could tell that most of them were new actors in that some of the ways that they acted out the line or scenes were a little rough around the edges. I would have to say that (in my opinion) that the best actor of the bunch was a tie between Gavin Lewis who played Gazzy and Patrick Johnson who played Fang. They both portrayed the characters they way I saw them and really brought the characters to life. I love Fang in the books and loved him in the movie as well. The other characters were good but sometimes I cringed a little watching them on the screen at certain points. One thing I do wish was that we had seen a little more of Nudge in the movie as well as more of Iggy and Angel.

I believe that if this movie had gotten the budget it actually needed this could have been a much better movie. The CGI flying was pretty bad and the wings were okay but if they had gotten the budget that any other James Patterson novel had gotten we would have seen a much better, maybe much better casted/acted film then we were given in this movie.

It was cool to see that Jenna Marbles (internet star) attached her name to this movie as a producer. She knows what people likes and she does have a fan base that might attract more people to watch this movie since her name is attached to it.

The ending of the movie did kind of leave you hanging that there would be another movie and I am kind of hoping this movie does okay in sales that we could see more. Maybe a web series or Netflix series in the future.  My love for the books were not changed in anyway by this movie nor did this movie change my opinion on wanted to finish the rest of this series.

I hope that if you see this movie before reading the books that you actually give the books a try. I love the books and recommend them to everyone for a quick read (even though they don’t look quick). I have read all but the last three books and hope to finish them up here soon!

Let me know what you thought about the movie or if you have read the books and what you thought of them.

xxx Lauren Amanda



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