Phrase Party

So I was watching Joe Santigato playing catch phrase with his family and decided to see if here was an app for it. Unfortunately there is not an official Catch Phrase app (kind of shocked by that) but there is one very similar to it called Phrase Party. 

Phrase Party had two versions, a free version and a paid version. I opted for the paid version so I could get more options. My opinion with the price is actually not bad it was only $1.99 which is not bad for a full version of a game. 

Last night I sat around with my sister and my friend and we played this for quite sometime and got really into it. We played two different categories, celebrity and children. We were so much better at the child version then the celebrity it was actually quite funny. 

If you don’t know the concept of Catch Phrase or Phrase Party is that you are given a word, person, or phrase that you have to get your team mate to guess and you can’t say any of the words that are on the screen. Whoever is holding the phone or catch phrase buzzer when the buzzer goes off loses and the other team gets the point. 

It is a fun game to play with family, friends and co-workers!

xxx Lauren Amanda 


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