Between Season 1&2 Review!

So my sister decided one night while at our friends house to put on the first episode of this on Netflix and ever since then I was addicted to finishing this to see what happens.

If you all don’t know what this show is about this is what is is:

Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody aged 22 and older. The series also explores the power vacuum that results when the government quarantines the town within a 10 square mile diameter and leaves the inhabitants to fend for themselves.


This shows is a Canadian based cast and most of them I have seen from Degrassi (lol). One of the cast members that most people know is Jennette McCurdy from Nickelodeons iCarly and let me tell you she does amazing. Her acting is very up and down but all around she plays a strong character who grows up during this whole event and learns that it is not all about her. Another character I recognized was Jesse Carere who played Chris Collins in the MTV remake of the UK version of Skins and also played Ofe in MTV’s Finding Carter. Besides shaving his head at the beginning of season 2 he was my favorite character. He wants what is right for everybody and wants to make sure that they get out alive and find a cure. Unlike everyone else he is immune to the disease as it was his other who created it and used his DNA to work on so that makes his character Adam and Adam’s father immune.

It started out very so-so for me but as the season went on and the characters grew through out the episodes it got so much better and had me paying attention to the episodes more than doing anything else. Guys I missed most of the olympics watching these episodes!

I loved watching Degrassi growing up and even though I have missed the last few seasons I do know who most of the characters are and some of my favorites showed up in this show like Samantha Munro who plays Stacy in Between but played Anya in Degrassi. Another person is Jordan Todosey who plays Tracey in this show and played Adam Torres in Degrassi. The last one I recognized was Justin Kelly who plays Chuck in Between and played Jake Martin in Degrassi.

It got very intense in the second episode they had to make decisions that changed lives, people died, it was a very emotionally attached season. I grew to love characters I thought I wouldn’t like and I grew to love characters I didn’t like at first and ended up loving at the end of this season. It was an all around great show and am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for season three to come out as season two ended with me needing more!

I hope if you all decide to watch this show on Netflix or on City in Canada that you all enjoy this show as much as me!!

xxx Lauren Amanda



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