Apartment Hunting

So its that time where I need to adventure out of my moms house and into my own. But i’m not going alone my sister and friend Cassie are joining me. In this process we need to go on a house hunter adventure but with apartments.

So the other weekend we toured two different apartment buildings. Both very nice and both in our price range. I really do want it to be nice when we move it, I don’t want to have to do a lot of work to it.

Our apartment check list:

  • two or three bedrooms
  • if two bedrooms, it can fit two beds in the master
  • at least 1.5 bathrooms or 2
  • in a nice neighborhood
  • no more than $900
  • near our parents houses
  • air, heat and water included
  • not having to spend more than $400 a piece a month
  • a pool and work out area
  • close to our jobs

We aren’t to picky when it comes to things but there will be three of us, three girls, and we need to be able to have our own space if we need time apart. We don’t want to get to annoyed with each other.

Another fun adventure that happened, unfortunately I wasn’t there but Caitlyn and Cassie went and toured two other apartment buildings and I so wish I was there.

The first place they toured was a three bedroom apartment and they absolutely loved it. It was nice, had a decent size kitchen and they saw the two bedroom version as well. We all have very similar styles and we usually decided together if we like it or not which is always good and both of them like these apartments. The second place they went was an adventure for sure and this is the one I wish I was at. They went into the office of the second apartment building there was a man there that they said looked like a serial killer and was supper excited that they were 26 years old. Creepy. Then the lady took them to the two bedroom townhouse , which she warned them wasn’t clean, but it looked like someone was murdered in the master bedroom.

They said that there were yellow and red stains all over the carpets and that if someone wasn’t murdered there then they were making and dealing drugs. I am so mad I missed this and they said the second townhouse they saw wasn’t any better. After walking up to the second townhouse they walked inside and this one was the three bedroom. They told me the first bedroom was nice and the third bedroom was nice but the second one looked like someone had punched a hole in the wall. I’m so mad I missed these apartments.

I will keep you all up to date on our apartment adventures good and bad!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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