Pie Face!

The game where your anxiety is kicked up several notches. 

This game is pretty much the title. There is a hand that is covered with whip cream. You roll a dice or spin a spinner and you have to click the handles that many times and pray you don’t get pied. 

I had family in this week and of course this was the number one game we all wanted to play. We used the spinner that was provided with the game and the highest number of clicks you had to do was 5 and the lowest was 2. Another cool part about the game is they provide a sponge hat you could get wet and put on the hand and get pied with that instead of whip cream. It was a very fun game and we had tons of fun doing it. 

I do not like whip cream so I rushed to get it off my face the two times that I was pied the other players liked it so must of them just ate it afterwards. After my sister and Pearce stopped playing but Parker and I played until one of us got pied again. 

I really did enjoy this game and believe you all would too!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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