Bad Moms…Bad Movie

So…I really didn’t like this movie at all.

My mom, sister and I decided that we wanted to go see this movie Saturday night and we were all really excited because we love all the people in the movie but it just wasn’t good and here are 5 reasons why I think that:

  1. Language – I don’t mind language in movies or in real life. I myself don’t speak that way but I hear it on a daily basis from friends and co-workers. This movie just had to much language. There is no need to us the F word as every other work in your sentence. You just don’t need to and in front of kids is just wrong.
  2. Random Story Lines – in this movie there is a hot widow and yes he brought in a story line that happens in life but Mila Kunis character’s relationship and story line with the Hot Widow was not needed. It was just kind of there and didn’t really go with the story.
  3. Not Funny – all the funny parts of this movie were in the previews we saw on TV and before other movies but the thing was they were cut out of the final movie. It just wasn’t funny.
  4. Calling the kids names – they called there kids crude names and I just didn’t like that. Just because you are a bad mom or don’t like being a mom gives you the right to call your child an awful name.
  5. The Best Part was the Credits – at the end of the movie is a small segment during the credits where they interviewed the cast’s moms about how they were growing up and if they thought they were bad moms. You shouldn’t think the clip during the credits was the best part.

It has actually been a while since I have disliked a movie this bad. Yes it had a great message in the end but the rest of the movie was just blah. I love the whole cast I think they are great actresses and have been in other movies that I love but this is not one of them.

I won’t see this movie again and I wouldn’t recommend my friends, co-workers or family to see this movie. I really hope that the next movie I see/watch is good so that I can write a better review next time.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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