Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories

So if you have Instagram you know about the new update that brings in Stories to the Instagram universe. If  you have Instagram and Snapchat you know the discussions that are going on about how it’s running out of ideas and taking some from others.

I agree and disagree.

I use both social platforms and the stories are a great addition to Instagram. Do I use it? No I don’t. Only because I see no use of it. It’s what is already on your account and everyone can already see it by going to your page. I definitely use it more on Snapchat because that is what it is for. Snapchats is to make a story of pictures for your friends and family to see. I do believe that Instagram is running out of ideas. First they take the thing of videos from Vine and add it to the app and now they have taken the story idea from Snapchat and added it to the app.

But mind you at this moment in app world they can only do so much so  apps are going to start taking things form other apps and add them to there own and make them there own in some way or another. In Snapchat you have the filters to make you a dog or have a flower crown and in Instagram you only are able to post pictures in a story format. No filters…yet. Instagram is a photo based app. You post your photos for your friends to see for long periods of time, Snapchat is for 10 seconds unless you add it to your story and then your friends can see it for up to 24 hours.

One really cool thing about the Snapchat stories is that they have certain filters that are only available for like a week or even a day. Like this Harry Potter filter that was available only on July 31st because of Harry’s birthday as well as the release of the newest book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Some other fun filters they have had is a Suicide Squad filter, Captain America Civil War, as well as other movies and events for the one day only. I really do enjoy the filters and it adds that one extra thing that Instagram doesn’t have.

Instagram is a great app and I love it, I post pictures all the time but it needs to start finding its own things to amen and stop taking things from other apps and putting it in there own to make it seem like a brand new thing.

The second that Instagram comes out with filters on there stories is the day that Snapchat will need to come up with something else to add to there app because it is going start losing it users to Instagram. One of my favorites things after this Instagram update was watching everyone post pictures of them from Snapchat with the filter saying that Snapchat still has the filters and Instagram doesn’t. It gave me the giggles 🙂

What are your opinions on this new Instagram Story?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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