The Summer Games

Friday we saw the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games and have seen a few events since. I love the Olympics I love any type of sports event that goes over a certain period of time. The last time I was this excited was when the World Cup was going on.

Some of my favorite events that I look forward to in the Summer Olympics is:

  1. Women’s Gymnastics – I enjoy the women’s gymnastics over the men’s only because it’s a little more artistic and the mens is more strength. I compare my love for gymnastics in the summer olympics to figure skating in the winter olympics.
  2. Diving – I really enjoy this and synchronized diving. I wish I was able to do half of what these athletes can do. I surprise myself just doing a normal dive.
  3. Swimming – I love when it gets to the end and it was so close you can’t tell who won. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  4. Soccer – I played soccer for 13 years growing up and love watching it on tv. Team USA for the women’s I usually go back forth between teams for the men.
  5. Track & Field – I just enjoy watching them race and watch how fast they are.

Growing up I would spend these times watching these certain games with my Nana before she passed several years ago and we continue watching them and talking about how much she liked them. Especially Gymnastics.

I really enjoyed the opening ceremony this year. It was fun to see the history of Rio done the way it was and all that they did in that mat was really cool! It was one of my favorites (that I remember).

It will be fun to sit down and watch these games and cheer on Team USA to the win!

What is your favorite Olympic Event to watch and who do you think is going to win the most events?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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