Top 5 Favorite Movies!

One of my favorite things is list. I love to make list for packing, buying and favorites so today I am telling you my top 5 favorite movies!

I have watched a lot of movies, in the theater, at home, online and at friends houses so I have watched a fair few and a fair few of them are my favorites. (This list is in no particular order)

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1&2 – yes I know this is two different movies but I like these equally and it is only one book so I can call it one movies as well
  2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – I just loved the special effects in this movie. I usually don’t like the second book of a book series/movie series but I really did enjoy this movie and would say this was my favorite in the series behind the part 2 of MockingJay.
  3. The Lion King – The best original disney movie out there. I make my kids watch this at work if they can’t agree on one movie. I quote this movie, I sing along to this movie and it’s one of my favorite things to see at Disney World.
  4. The Outsiders – I read this book in high school and fell in love with the book and when we finished the book we watched part of the movie. I had to see the whole movie so when I got home I went out and found it at the store and watched it over and over again for a few weeks. I love this movie!
  5. The Good Dinosaur – I love dinosaurs and the long neck dinosaurs are my favorite to see another movie about one (this one being an apatosaurus). I loved this story, it was very sweet. It made me laugh and cry (a lot). I can’t put in words how much I love this movie.

I have a lot of favorite movies I just left this list to 5. It took me a while to come up with 5 I wanted to put on this list. I love the entire Harry Potter series, all of the Hunger Games series, The X-Men and Marvel movies. It was really hard to only choose five. Maybe i’ll do another list like this later with another 5 favorites.

I would love to know which movies are your favorites?

xxx Lauren Amanda


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