My Celebrity Dinner Date

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and saw a pin of a list of 160 different blog post ideas from a blog called and one of the ones that stood out to me the most of a celebrity dinner date/party and who would you invite and I thought this would be so much fun to do so here is who I picked.

The three people I picked were people I believe I could get along with and ones that I would enjoy being around and those three people are…Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock and Khloe Kardashian. Yes there are so many more people I could have picked but I really do like the three girls I picked. They are all very funny and entertaining people and don’t mind speaking there minds.  Jennifer Lawrence is one of my all time favorite actresses, she’s funny and has no filter.  Sandra Bullock is who I would want to play my mom if I was ever in a movie, she has so many personalities and I love it. Then the last one would be Khloe Kardashian. She is such great big sister and is a little kid at heart just like me!

I would also love to see all three of these people in a movie together. I know Khloe doesn’t act but if she did just imagine Jennifer and Khloe being roommates and Sandra being like the landlord or something who has a secret or is hiding something that would get her in trouble. I think it would be a great story 😉

I would love to see who you all would pick as your celebrity dinner date/party. I could make my party so much bigger and so can you I just decided on picking three people!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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