Harry Potter Weekend!


So if you are a Harry Potter fan you know that the 8th Harry Potter book came out yesterday! Now at this moment I am trying to re-read all of the books (as I have actually never finished reading this series) before I read this one I am just as excited as everyone else to have this book come out ūüôā

I absolutely love that there is a new story out and it is a continuation as well as a whole knew story.  My local Barnes and Noble was having a midnight event for the release of this book just like they had with the other books of the series. This time they planned a little more ahead and had activities planned. There was a table set up decorated in the colors of each Hogwarts house and on each table there was a set of activities. On the Ravenclaw table was more puzzle based activities like crosswords and word searches. On the Gryffindor table it had activities like Who Said it and different drawing activities. On the Slytherin table it had more of the dark arts activities like spells and potions. Then lastly on the Hufflepuff table they had trivia activities and movie based activities. On each table they had pins and magnets of the house emblems what people could take, my sister and I each grabbed a magnet of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw as those are the houses we have been sorted in.

Also through out the store they had other activities like a selfie stand where you could take your picture on a Azkaban wanted poster, as well as local music and a cupcake decorating table.  The one place we spent most of our time, except when doing the activities at each house table, was at the coloring table. They had a bunch of Harry Potter related coloring pages from the coloring books that we could sit and color. I really enjoy coloring and it really does relax me and besides the child who sat next to me and talked the entire time it was a lot of fun to just sit down and color with my sister and Chummy.

In the music and movies part of the store they had the Harry Potter Scene It game playing. No one was there to control the TV so we just stood there asking questions off the card, we mostly chose the ones about the actors in other movies to see if we knew any of them. We weren’t that good. In the kids department they had someone dressed up as Professor Trelawney doing different fortune telling as well wand making and face painting. ¬†We also had a costume contest where someone dressed up as Dumbledore led the judging panel as well as some Hufflepuff students. The ones who one was a guy dressed up as Snape (OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO REAL LOOKING) and then a cute little girl who had made her wand herself from a stick in her backyard and make up a whole back story about how she was Hermione’s 2nd cousin who had to hide being a witch. It was so cute.

Around about 10:30/11:00 pm my friend and I had hit a brick wall and were so exhausted but my sister was standing strong and walking around like there was no tired bone in her body. We really enjoyed our time at the store but most of the activities were self directed and I feel like if there had been more group activities we may have been able to keep ourselves more entertained for the 4 hours that we were there and we wouldn’t have been as tired as we were.

We saw a few other friends at the start of the night but we didn’t see many people we knew which was cool because we got to meet a lot of new people. One of the things I liked the most was that it felt like we were back in middle school/high school waiting for the other books to come out except then we had a lot more stamina and could have made it through the whole night no problem. Another fun thing they had in the cafe which I would have considered if it was earlier in the day was House Theme Frappes. The Caramel Frappe for Hufflepuff, the Vanilla Bean for Ravenclaw, the Cotton Candy for Gryffindor and the Green Tea for Slytherin houses. It was a lot of fun but we all opted to have a hot chocolate instead which wasn’t a good idea because it made us more tired. lol.

When It came time to actually line up (they started lining us up at 11:40) they had a system down. They lined up all the ones who preordered it first and the ones who hadn’t behind them and they already had the preordered books in bags ready to go. My sister didn’t preorder the book but even then she was in and out of line by 12:10am. They really prepared themselves for a large crowd and a fast line set up and had every line open and at each register they had one person working the register and another person with them bagging the books up so that they line would go by fast.

I can’t wait to sit down and start reading this book and I know even though I haven’t finished reading the original series I have seen all of the videos and know what happens in the books/movies to know I could start this book now and know what was going on. I might actually consider doing that. Before I start reading this book my sister has to finish reading it because we opted to only get one copy.

As I sit here and write this post (Sunday July 31st) I am also watching the Harry Potter Birthday Weekend marathon on Freeform. Gotta love Harry Potter Weekends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!

I would really love to know if you went to your midnight release party and how it went and if you have finished reading it if you loved it or not!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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