The Legend of Tarzan

I have seen several movies so far this summer (more post to come) but one of my favorite ones was The Legend of Tarzan. One of my favorite parts was it was a great story/storyline. It was action packed but not to action packed, it had romance but not over the top and it had amazing CGI. 

The story is a continuation of the Tarzan story were all grew up knowing. IT IS NOT A REMAKE. I know a lot of people didn’t like it because they thought it was a remake when they clearly advertised it as another story. 

The cast was a great selection of actors and actresses. They all played there characters well and they had great chemistry on screen. The relationship between Tarzan and Jane, played by Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie, was very well played on camera. Then the friendship between Tarzan and George Washington Williams, played by Samuel L Jackson, was a very comedic friendship a friendship that you actually see people have. 

One of the things I really did like about this story/movie was that Tarzan had made a good life out of the jungle. Going by John Clayton and trying to act like the life in the jungle never happened. The reason I liked this was because it made him going back to the jungle more eventful. You got to see him interact with the animals and the villagers he had once made his family. Also the story of him meeting Jane and falling in love with her was sweet too. 

The CGI animals were amazing. I thought that the CGI of The Jungle Book was great and this is good (still not sure which one is better). It was cool to see all the types of animals, gorillas, lions, and much more. I love CGI and wish I could do some type of work that involves CGI because of done correctly it’s amazing. 

I highly suggest seeing this moving whether in the theater or on dvd. 

xxx Lauren Amanda


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