Avenger’s Academy!

So besides Pokemon Go my favorite game/app to play is Avenger’s Academy. I started playing this game right after it came out and I have gotten my sister (Caitlyn) and my family friend (Pearce) to play it as well. Now my sister doesn’t play it so much now but me and Pearce compete on who can get the character faster. He usually wins because he’s 10 and can play 24/7 instead of me working a full time job.

The concept of this game is to train your avengers and rank them up to beat certain challenges. You also work to unlock characters through out the game and special characters during different events.

Some of the special events we have had are Gardians of The Galaxy, Spider-Man and Captain America Civil War. During these events you were able to unlock characters that correspond with the movie and they are only available to unlock during that special event. Each events usually last about a month, sometimes longer, sometime shorter.

Some of the task that the characters have to do can last a minute, 2 minutes, 15 minutes and all the way up to 8 hours. Tip: is save those 8 hour task and have them going while you sleep so when you wake up they are finished.

I have really enjoyed competitions with Pearce trying to unlock characters before him or before the event ends.

If you are a fan of the Marvel universe then you might enjoy this game because you see characters from the movies, the comics and even some from the agents of shield television show.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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