What’s on my iPhone?

So if I was able to make a video about this I would but I just haven’t had time to yet.  So I thought I would just show you this way 🙂

These are my two main home screens. The bottom row are the four most used or needed apps I have on my phone – Phone, Mail, Safari and Music. On my two main home screens I have the following apps – Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Productivity Folder, Settings, Clock, Weather, Game Center, Maps, Videos, Sports, App Store, iTunes Store, Snapchat, Weather Folder, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Photography Folder, Apple Watch Folder, Sounds/Videos Folder, Entertainment Folder, Social Folder, Facebook Folder, Food Folder, Shopping Folder, Games Folder and a Hockey Folder.

I have 12 folders on my phone below I will show you inside 10 of them. The 2 I won’t show closeups of are my Productivity and Weather folders. Inside the Productivity folder includes the following apps – Notes, Reminders, Stocks, iBooks, News, FaceTime, Calculator, Compass, Tip, Voice Memos, Contacts, Find Friends, Find iPhone and Wallet. This folder includes the apps I use only occasionally and I keep them all together as they either can’t be deleted or I think I will use them eventually. Inside the Weather Folder I have the following apps – My Local Weather App (not the actually name) and then The Weather Channel App. I use my local weather app more than weather channel, the only time I use the Weather Channel app is when I am out of town.

Now lets look inside some of my other folders…

The first folder is my photography folder and it has two pages

  1. Collect – this is the app that I have been using for about two years now, you post a picture a day so that when you look back at the year you can see what happened.
  2. Project Life – I use to do physical project life albums but now I do it digitally through the app and it makes scrapbooking easier.
  3. PicFrame – I use this to make collages like the ones you see in this post.
  4. Timehop – a lot of people use this. It just shows me what has happened on this day in the past couple of years
  5. VSCO – I use this to edit instagram pictures
  6. Whitagram – this is used with instagram to
  7. Afterlight – so is this one
  8. Font Candy – and this one to add words to my pictures
  9. Ps Express – another instagram editing thing
  10. Facetune – same with this one. I use this one to make my pictures whiter.
  11. Giant Square – I haven’t really used this but it takes your pictures and makes them multiple pictures so when you add it to instagram it takes over your main feed.
  12. Canva – another app where you can add words to your pictures

Next is the Apple Watch folder

  1. Activity – keep track of how many calories I burn, hours I stand and activities I do through out the day.
  2. Watch – the main app for the watch. its like the settings app for your phone.
  3. Target – don’t really use this but its fun to play with
  4. Pacer – keeps track of my steps
  5. Health – another one I don’t really use but it came with the watch/phone
  6. ESPN – I use this to get sports updates on my watch

Inside the Sounds/Videos folder is

  1. Audible – one of my favorite apps
  2. Audible Store – this is just a webpage I made available on home screen. its so I don’t have to go onto my computer to get a new book on audible.
  3. Spotify – when I don’t have my iPod or a book on audible I use this to pass the time.
  4. iMovie – to edit vlogs if I make them on my computer
  5. Capture – to upload to youtube
  6. Vont – to add words to my videos
  7. Podcast – incase i’m bored and don’t have anything else to listen to
  8. Shazam – I use this so if I heard a song in public I will know what it’s called

I have two pages inside my entertainment folder and those apps are the following

  1. Fandango – to get movie tickets
  2. IMDB – to look up someone I see on TV or a movie
  3. Redbox – to rent a movie
  4. Regal – to see movie times
  5. Ticketmaster – to get concert tickets
  6. Seatgeak – to get cheap concert tickets
  7. Disney Gif – another keyboard I have on my phone
  8. Stubhub – another place to get cheap concert tickets
  9. Dubsmash – a fun app to play with
  10. Musical.ly – another fun app to play with

I also have two pages in my social folder

  1. We Heart It – I look for pictures for my background on my phone or computer
  2. Pinterest – everyone loves pinterest
  3. Barnes & Noble – to get books or to see if they are available in my store
  4. Goodreads – to keep track of the books I have read
  5. Dropbox – I use this one with my collect app and my project life app
  6. Shark Tracker – this is a fun app. I love sharks and these keep tracks that are tagged so you can see where they are.
  7. Wattpad – a fan fiction app. I love reading stories and its fun to read stories like this.
  8. The ASL app – I am slowly losing my hearing due to sensory neural hearing loss and this is just fun to sit down and learn things.
  9. My Water – this tells me every hour to drink more water
  10. Amtrak – keeps track of train schedules
  11. Ancestry – I have been doing some family history and if I fine something and I am not on my computer I can add it through this app
  12. Bloglovin’ – keep track of blogs I follow
  13. WordPress – to edit blog post or add them if I am not near my computer
  14. VWCC Mobile – a local college where I use to take classes

The Facebook folder includes all of the things that have to do with Facebook that I don’t want out in the open

  1. Messenger – to chat
  2. Groups – to follow the groups I am apart of them. most of them are planner groups.
  3. Pages – to keep my photography page up to date.

My food folder is the apps that I use when ordering food during lunch break so I can just pick it up and not have to wait in line because I am so impatient

  1. Starbucks – I have an obsession and a blog post about this 😉
  2. Kroger – I use this to keep track of my fuel points and coupons
  3. Subway – reward points are used on this app
  4. Red Robin – the menu
  5. Pizza Hut – to order pizza because I love pizza
  6. Chipotle – I don’t want to wait in line
  7. Which Wich – reward points and to see if one is near by when I am out of town because there isn’t one in my hometown
  8. Moes – I don’t want to wain in line here either
  9. Panera – the menu and one day I will try out delivery
  10. Taco Bell – again don’t want to wait in line
  11. Chick Fil A – I will one day order and pick up so I don’t have to wait in line

This next folder in the picture is a little out of order this is actually the last folder on my phone but I included it here because it was only one page. This is my hockey folder.

  1. Carolina Hurricanes – my favorite team ever. Jordan Staal plays on this team.
  2. New York Rangers – Marc Staal plays on this team.
  3. Pittsburg Penguins – another team I cheer for
  4. Carolina Hurricanes Emoji – they made this emoji keyboard so I downloaded it to see what it was like. I don’t use it much.

I need to see if there is a Minnesota Wild app since Eric Staal now plays for them. Still not over this.

Here are the last couple of folders. My shopping folder definitely had the most pages because I use most of these

  1. Etsy – I have a problem when it comes to ordering things from here. I order to much.
  2. eBay – just to look for things when i’m bored
  3. Amazon – just to see if it might be cheaper on here then other places
  4. Cartwheel – target coupons
  5. RetailMeNot – coupons
  6. SunTrust – to keep track of my back account
  7. Casetify – I had a blog post about this as well. I will make random cases for fun when I am bored
  8. AfterShip – I use this to keep track of the packages I have ordered
  9. GameStop – I use this to keep track of what games are coming out
  10. Walgreens – I order my pictures off of my phone through here
  11. CVS -to keep track of prescriptions
  12. Best Buy – I usually use this to see if my best buy has it in stock
  13. Nordstrom Rack – this is a clothing app where you can get name brand clothing for a cheaper price
  14. Shopular – this is a coupon app
  15. Coupons – exactly what the title is
  16. Apple Store – I’m obsessed with apple products, I browse for fun.
  17. LifeWay – if I need something for church I’ll look to see if it’s available near me or if I need to order it
  18. Ultra Beauty – to look and see if it’s available here or if I have to go to Sephora
  19. Sephora – to look at make-up

The next picture is the first page of my games folder 

  1. QuizUp – a quiz game
  2. Piano Tiles – you play the piano and try and get as far as you can
  3. Trivia Crack – a quiz game
  4. 2048 – you have to put matching blocks together to equal up to 2048. I have only done that once.
  5. Bigfoot Hunter – I play this more on my iPad then phone, it’s a fun game
  6. Words With Friends – another Facebook game made into an app, I play this with my sister and I really suck at this game
  7. Snake ’97 – its the snake game that was on original nokia phones
  8. Merged – you merge blocks together to win the game
  9. 7 Words – you are given clues and you have to try and figure out by the partial words given to figure out the full 7 words

And this is my last page of games

  1. Pet Rescue – my friend Annie had me download this, I was obsessed for a while, not so much any more.
  2. Backward Words – its a fun game where they reverse a word and your partner has to say the word in reverse so when repeated back its the original word
  3. Cracker Barrel Games – it’s the games you play at Cracker Barrel
  4. Pokemon Go – by now everyone should know what this game is. I already have a blog post on it 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing what is on my phone hopefully I will get an updated video up soon

xxx Lauren Amanda


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